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Welcome to East Coast Solar Cleaning

We clean solar panels to a condition that allows for optimal generating capacity and making sure that owners are getting the most out of their renewable energy investment.

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There are several benefits to using our service for your solar panel cleaning needs:

The efficiency of many modern, clean Photo-Voltaic panels (by far the most popular type used in Australia) have an approximate efficiency of 15-25% in clear, sunny weather. This is typically why many panels are required for solar energy production. By virtue of their outdoor location, the efficiency of solar panels are often affected by many environmental factors and - if not cleaned - their performance will drop slightly with each passing year.

Things that cause a decrease in solar panel performance:

Icons that represent various panel contaminants

- Leaves, small pieces of foliage and pollens, especially when large trees are nearby.

- Smoke, ash and soot from fires and exhausts.

- Dirt, dust, sand and other fine particles that are easily carried by the wind.

- Animal droppings, particularly from birds and bats.

- Calcium and limescale build-up from tap-water use and other deposits from evaporated rainwater.